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McMurry 2018 Fall Finals Schedule Michael W Stephens 11/27/2018 3:46:42 PM

Monday Dec. 10th
8:00AM-10:00AM All 8:00 MWF, MW, MWTRF 8:30 W classes
10:30AM-12:30PM All 10:00 MWF, M, W, MW, F, MTWRF classes
1:00PM-3:00PM All 12:00 MWF, MWR, M, W, WF, F, MTWRF classes
4:30PM-6:30PM All 5:00 M, MW 5:30 MW 6:00 MW W classes

Tuesday Dec.11th
8:00AM-10:00AM All 8:00 & 8:30 TR, T or R classes
10:30AM-12:30PM All 9:00 TR, R 9:30 TR, R, MTWR 10:00 TR, R classes
4:30PM-6:30PM All 5:00 TR, T 5:30 T, TR 5:45 TR classes
7:00PM –9:00PM All 6:00 T, R 6:30 TR 7:00 TR, T, R classes

Wednesday Dec. 12th
8:00AM-10:00AM All 9:00 MWF, MS, MW, WF, F, MTWRF classes
10:30AM-12:30PM All 11:00 MWF, M, W, WF, MW, F, MTWRF, R classes
1:00PM-3:00PM All 1:00 MWF, M, MW, W classes
3:30PM-5:30PM All 2:30 MTWR 3:00 MW 3:30 MW classes

Thursday Dec. 13th
8:00AM-10:00AM All 12:00 TR, R classes
10:30AM-12:30PM All 1:00 TR, T, R, MTWR 1:30 TR classes
1:00PM-3:00PM All 2:30 TR
3:30PM-5:30PM All 4:00 TR

Friday Dec. 14th
8:00AM-10:00AM * (see below)
10:30AM-12:30PM * (see below)

* Faculty, in the event of exam time conflicts (see above schedule), please use Friday to administer an adjusted exam time.

NEW McM EMAIL SYSTEM - PLEASE READ! Michael W Stephens 8/26/2018 12:50:02 PM


Effective Friday, August 24th after 5pm. McMurry University EMail was migrated to a new system. To access the new system, please goto:

Your previous login and password work in this system.

New students and users: use this link, then follow the instructions you received to change your password in the Office 365 screen.

If you are currently using email on your cell phone you will be required to set this up again using the instructions below.   

iPhone Email Setup:

Android Email Setup:

Please feel free to email or call the HelpDesk (325-793-4900) if you have any issues with your email.